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Trekking in Sri Lanka

One of the most endearing aspects of the tropical climate in Sri Lanka is the ability to find, on most of days, a place to trek. Sri Lanka provides you the most effective trekking tours Sri Lanka has to offer. Be prepared for an experience of a lifetime.

With its long history and a culture that has been in tune with nature for millennia even in prehistoric time’s nature trails can be found in all parts of the island. Whether you are going on a walking safari in a high-altitude national park, rising a sacred mountain in time for a magical dawn, making a trip to a cave, trekking along the bank of a mighty river, or adding a trekking experience to bird watching, Sri Lanka has everything covered, and also we at Sri Lanka Day Tours can provide trekking excursions to suit your needs.

Sri Lanka Trekking Tour

In Sri Lanka, backpacking tours are gaining in appeal and also Sri Lanka trekking trips include colour to your experience in Sri Lanka without breaking the bank. We have great prices for groups trekking together. It do without stating that our travelling scenic tours are complete with an experienced, qualified, as well as certified overview that will lead you’re travelling party throughout. All paths are predetermined, and also you will be oriented on the trail before you start.

If you intend to experience Sri Lanka one step at once, taking a Sri Lanka trekking tour comes highly recommended. Go through the itineraries below and choose the one you like.

Best 3 Places for Trekking In Sri Lanka

1. Ella Rock

Ella Rock is a day hike from Ella town in the highlands, about 1000 meters above sea level. It's best to leave your hotel or guesthouse early in the morning so as to prevent the groups and the rain that normally comes in the mid-days. You may have an area pet dog following you up to the top!

2. Horton Plains and World’s End

Horton Plains National Park is an area in the Sri Lankan Highlands at around 2000 meters above sea level. It contains an abundant plateau with thick forests, breezy grasslands, misty lakes and fresh waterfalls. There are a couple of choices for hikers on Horton Plains, from brief one hrs tracks to much longer ones that span the whole plateau. On one edge of Horton Plains is World's Edge, an abrupt and also steep 800 meter fall overlooking the countryside. On a clear day, even the sea can be seen.

3. Adam’s Peak

The most popular and also touristy trails in Sri Lanka are the hike to Adam's Peak. Climb up the 5,200 weird stone stairs in the night so that by the time you reach to the top of Adam's Peak you can enjoy the spectacular sunrise. Adam's Height or 'Sri Pada's' has a crucial relevance for all the religions. While Buddhists assert that it is the left foot of Lord Buddha, Hindus believe it to Lord Shiva's impact. Muslims and also Christians think it was Adam's very first step after being exiled from the Garden of Eden. This is why you will see a lot of pilgrims crowding the stairs to the top yet it is all worth it.