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Yoga Tours in India

Yoga Tours in India: 8 Nights / 9 Days Delhi » Uttarkashi » Rishikesh » Haridwar




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Yoga Tours in India Package Details
Tour Name: Yoga Tours in India
Tour Starting From: Delhi
Tour Duration: 08 Nights / 09 Days
Destinations Covered: Delhi » Haridwar » Uttarkashi » Rishikesh
Starting Price: Rs. 35, 999 / -
Best Time to Visit: Throughout Year

Yoga Tours in India

Yoga Exercise and Meditation are practiced in India for centuries. Old maharishis created this system for taking care of their health and wellness as well as are discussed in Vedas as well as Upanishads, ancient scriptures. Unlike other things from ancient India, Yoga as well as meditation is not a dying knowledge. In fact, increasingnumber of people are learning it and appreciating its benefits to cure their health problems. Nowadays, because of spreading awareness of Yoga and meditation in faroff lands in the world, numerous people come to India yearly to learn it and also have its benefits. There are many learned gurus, instructors and also training facilities where one cans learn this ancient skill.

Yoga Tours, which is basically derived from the Sanskrit language, has actually become very popular among the health and fitness lovers off late. The fitness freaks currently favor yoga exercise as well as meditation than the modern methods of weight training. Yoga exercise has an interesting history to it, which was started in India, yet has actually been globalized and adopted by people from different parts of the world.

Types: There are numerous kinds of yoga in the form of asana's, with various positions and variations. Some of them help in improving flexibility and also agility in the body, while a few of them help to get rejuvenated and relaxed s with the help of different breathing techniques. The topmost and the most well-known yoga positions are the following:

Bhakti Yoga: Considered as the oldest and traditional type of yoga, purely emphasizing on being spiritual. This is where meditation comes into play and is practiced with devotion chanting prayers and others devotionals songs.

Jnana Yoga: The person who techniques Jnana Yoga, could gain control over his senses, together with it comes the capacity to have strong power of concentration and strengthens mind..

Benefits of Yoga exercise:

1. Yoga helps in improving the flexibility of body.

2. Regular practice of yoga makes the body & mind to be in control.

3. Certain asana’s helps in rectifying any wrong postures in the body and gives a better alignment to the body.

However, before practicing any asana’s or kriyas, it is advisable to perform under any expert's monitoring.


Meditation is an act or method in which an individual trains his/her mind in such a waythat it focuses on a particular thought to achieve a higher state of mind. There are various advantages of meditating from reducing the stress levels to the increase of concentration and also many others.

Benefits of Meditation:

1. Firstly, meditating improves respiratory system.

2. It also reduces the rate of heartbeat and boosts the flow of blood.

3. Boosts the power of concentration.

4. Meditation also helps in improving the memory.

5. It not just reduces the stress and anxiety levels, however additionally aids in gaining self-confidence.

6. By practicingmeditation on a regular basis, it helps in achieving higher state of mind giving a sense of clearness in our vision.

7. Self-constraint and better co-ordination of mind heart and soul can be attained.

8. Any kind of mental disorders or any other issues which affect mind can be sorted out by meditating.

9. It also makes an individual smarter as well as assists in far better clearness of thought,

Thus helps in making better decision.

10. Apart from these factors there are lots of advantages of meditation which helps in achieving stability of mind in terms of emotional, spiritual and physical aspects as well.

Swan Tours are providing well - designed yoga and meditation India tours. Get set for a life changing experience and also achieve spiritual peach through our 8 nights and 9 days yoga and meditation package. The package takes you to various enchanting locations like Haridwar, Uttarkashi and Rishikesh that have become prominent centers for yoga and meditation.

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