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Transport Companies in Bangalore

Transport Companies in Bangalore


Often Described as Asia's Silicon Valley because of its thriving information technology industry, Bangalore is India's fifth-largest and fastest-growing city. Until its high-tech boom began in the late 1980s, it was known as the Garden City, with greenery flourishing in its pleasant, temperate climate. Today, with a growing population of young professionals, it has acquired a vibrant, cosmopolitan air. Bangalore was founded in the 16th century by a local chieftain, Kempe Gowda, but derives its name from the Kannada word benda kaluru, or "boiled beans", which an old woman gave a 10th-century Hoysala king when he turned up hungry at her doorstep. Transport Companies in Bangalore...

Sightseeing in Bangalore
Vidhana Soudha

Vidhana Vidhi. to the public. Built of granite and porphyry, this imposing building houses the Secretariat and the State Legislature of Karnataka. Constructed in 1956 after the transfer of power from the ruling Wodeyar dynasty to the central government, it was designed by Kengal Hanumanthaiah, the then chief minister, who intended it to "reflect the power and dignity of the people". It is capped by a 20-m (66-ft) dome, which is surmounted by the four-headed Ashokan lion, symbol of the Indian state. With Rajasthani jharokhas, Indo-Saracenic pillars and other decorative elements, the Vidhana Soudha exemplifies the Neo-Dravidian style of post-Independence Bangalore. The woodwork inside is noteworthy, especially the sandalwood door to the Cabinet Room, and the Speaker's Chair made of rosewood from Mysore. The building looks spectacular on Sunday evenings when it is beautifully illuminated. Transport Companies in Bangalore...

Attara Kacheri

This graceful, two-storeyed building with Corinthian columns, was completed in 1864 and housed the Public Offices from 1868 until 1956. These were later moved to the Vidhana Soudha, and this building became the High Court. On the ceiling of its Central Hall is a portrait of Sir Mark Cubbon, commissioner of Mysore from 1834 to 1861. Behind the building is an equestrian statue of him by Baron Marochetti.

Cubbon Park

Cantonment. daily. Laid out in 1864 by Richard Sankey, the chief engineer of Mysore, and named in honour of the commissioner, Cubbon Park extends over 135 ha (334 acres). Its partly formal landscaping imaginatively integrates natural rock out-croppings with groves of trees and giant bamboos. The park is liberally dotted with statues, such as that of the 19th-century ruler Chamarajendra Wodeyar (1868-94), overlooking the pond near an octagonal, cast-iron bandstand. There are also marble statues of Queen Victoria and Edward VII. In the middle of the park, a red-painted, Neo-Classical building known as the Sheshadri Iyer Memorial, houses a public library. Transport Companies in Bangalore...

Government Museum

Kasturba Gandhi Rd. (080) 286 4483.Tue-Sun.

Venkatappa Art Gallery Thu - Tue
Established in 1866, this one of the oldest museums in the country. Housed in a red stucco Neo-Classical building with Corinthian columns, it has 18 sections, with a fine collection of jewellery, miniature paintings, sculpture, artifacts from Mohenjodaro, and 5,000-year-old neolithic relics.

The Venkatappa Art Gallery, named after an early 20th-century artist patronized by the Wodeyar rulers of Mysore, forms one wing of this museum. It has watercolours and paintings made in the Mysore style These works still retain a greenish coating, imparted by a finishing nib with jade. The gallery also has a collection of leather puppets made of deer- and goat-skin, and fine sculptures from the Satvahana, Hoysala and Vijayanagar periods. Transport Companies in Bangalore...

St Mark's Cathedral

This simple, Neo-Classical cathedral was completed in 1812 and consecrated by the Bishop of Calcutta in 1816. An elegant, cream-coloured structure, it has an imposing portico in front and an apsidal recess at the rear. A shallow dome marks the internal crossing.
Bangalore Palace N of Vidhana Soudha. (080) 336 0818 for permission to visit.

Built in 1880 at the exorbitant cost of one million rupees, the Bangalore Palace was modelled on Windsor Castle, complete with fortified towers and turreted parapets. It stands amid undulating lawns, partly converted into a formal garden with axial paths. Transport Companies in Bangalore...

Visitors' Checklist

Bangalore district. 998 km (620 miles) S of Mumbai. 4,292,500.9 km (6 miles) E of city centre, then bus or taxi. Govt of India Tourist Office, 48 Church St, (080) 558 5417, Karnataka Tourism, 10/4 Kasturba Gandhi Rd, (080) 221 2901. Karaga (Apr), Kadalekaye Parishe (Nov/Dec).

Spread over 13,700 sq m (147,466 sq ft), the palace fell into disrepair after 1949 when it was at the centre of an ownership dispute between the government and the ruling Wodeyars. It has since been restored to the Wodeyars and is now rented out as a popular venue for functions such as weddings and musk concerts, and film shoots. No Kannada movie is considered complete if a scene is not shot here. Transport Companies in Bangalore...

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