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The Nohkalikai Waterfalls can be referred to as the fourth highest waterfalls in the world that can be measured as 335 m from the cliff to the ground. You will get the best insights of the evergreen rainforest and the views of the Khasi hills.

Visit Nohkalikai Waterfalls

If you are in the Northeast, then it is one of the most alluring things to count on from the month of October to December and from March to May which are the most pleasant months of the year. Some of the most attractive activities that you can experience here are, Angling, trekking, landscape photography, bird watching and swimming. If you want to pay a visit to the falls, then make sure that you take a flight to the nearest airport that is in Guwahati and Shillong, or a road drive from Shillong that is 53 km away from the same. Book North East India tourism packages with Swan Tours at best price.