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Majuli Island

Amazing Facts about Majuli Island

Area: 352 km²

Elevation: 84 m

Area code: 03775

State: Assam

Location: Brahmaputra River

Population: 167,304 Approx (2011)

Temperature: Summers: 15oC to 28oC; Winters: 7oC to 18oC

Languages: Assamese, Mishing, Deori, English, Hindi

Majuli - Largest River Island in the World

Majuli Island is a World Heritage site, is located in the Brahmaputra River as well as is the biggest populated river line island in the world. Majuli is in Jorhat area of Assam. Majuli is rich in culture, treasured for its centuries-old neo-Vaishnavite monasteries, understood to stage dramatization and also make the Assamese folk theatre masks of bamboo and clay. The island is about 200 kilometres eastern from Guwahati. Majuli, the biggest pollution complimentary fresh water river island on the planet, a treasure island of society, snuggles in the bosom of the magnificent Brahmaputra. The landmass of this area extends for a size of about 90 km along east-west direction as well as regarding 850 sq km. along the north south.

The Majuli Island has one hundred and also forty-four villages with a populace of 150,000 as well as a populace density of 300 individuals per square km. Citizens at the island mostly comprise of tribal. Majuli Island is an eco-friendly hotspot and also is house for a wide array of plants as well as fauna. Apart from a lot of resident avifauna, many migratory birds from Himalaya and beyond browse visit here during the winter season. Greater Adjutant Stork, Pelican, Siberian Crane, and also the Whistling Teal are amongst a few of the extra common varieties of birds discovered right here.

The island has actually been the center of Assamese neo-Vaishnavite society, initiated around 15th century by the revered Assamese saint Srimanta Sankardeva and his disciple Madhavdeva. Lots of Satras or monasteries constructed by the saint still survive and stand for the colourful Assamese culture. However, today only twenty-two of the initial sixty-five are functional. Sixty-five out of the 6 hundred as well as sixty-five original satras in Assam were situated in Majuli.

The Some Major Surviving Satras Are:

  • Dakhinpat Satra
  • Garamurh Satra
  • Auniati Satra
  • Kamalabari Satra
  • Benegenaati Satra
  • Shamaguri Satra
Best Way to Reach Majuli Island

By Air - Jorhat is the nearby airport terminal to Majuli. It is connected to some of the major domestic airports terminals. There are ferries to take you to Majuli.

By Ship - Majuli can only be reached by a ferryboat ride. There are 2 ferry rides to get to Majuli. The 1st ride takes an hour and also second ride takes 10-15 mins to reach Majuli.

By Road - Jorhat is the nearby road related to Majuli. The ASTC buses deal with a regular basis to ply a decent service to the visitors.

Best time to visit Majuli Island

Finest time to go to Majuli is between October-March. Throughout this month's different dancing events, music performance and dramas are organized. It will be best if you see Majuli at the time of Krishna Janmashtami and Raas Leela. The Ali-ai-ligang festival is held between Feb-March as well as Paal Namm celebration in the end of winter season.

Summer: The summertime in Majuli is from March to July and is rather warm and humid. During these times, the temperature may even peak to 34oC. Vacationers prefer to stay away from the season around this time.

Monsoon: The monsoon season in Majuli beginnings around July as well as lasts till August, after which the post-monsoon season adheres to. During this time around, the entire island obtains covered in the lovely environment-friendly cape.

Winter: The winter season, on the various other hand, begins with November as well as lasts till February. The ordinary temperature level during the season is around 7oC to 18oC. It is throughout this period that the Majulians involve themselves in different cultural activities. This is the season when the numerous feasts and fairs in the region are celebrated.