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Majuli Island

Majuli is popularly known as the World's Largest freshwater island that is completely pollution-free in the mighty river Brahmaputra. The island is spread around an area of 1250 sq. km amidst the lush green environment. It is stated among the UNESCOs World Heritage sites, mostly inhabited by tribals that make it the cultural capital of Assam.

Visit Majuli

You will be able to witness Raas that is the most popular festival in the place that is full of joy and vibrancy. If you plan to visit this beautiful island, then the winter season is the best for the same when the temperature remains cool unlike the summer season when the temperature remains humid and unsuitable for a visit. 

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Places to visit in Majuli

1. Kamalabari Satra is located at a distance of 3 km from Majuli island, which is a religious site visited by devotees throughout the year. You will find historical significance through the art, culture, literature and classical studies.

2. Dakhinpat Satra is another religious site patronized by the Ahom ruler. It is an ancient educational center where Rasotsava is popularly celebrated with great passion.

3. Garmur is a Vaishnavite spot that is located 4 km away from Majuli that is one of the many holy seats apart from Auniati, Dakshinapatha, and Kamlabari. 

4. Tengapania is located on the banks of the mighty river Brahmaputra, which is a popular picnic spot bordered by Dhakuakhana, Machkhoa, and Disangmukh. 

5. Auniati Satra is located 5 km away from the Majuli center that was founded by Niranjan Pathakdeva. It is popular for its Paalnaam and Apsara dance along with a wide collection of Assamese utensils, jewelry, and handicrafts.

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