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Haflong Lake

Undoubtedly among one of the beautiful lakes of Assam, Haflong Lake is the major tourist destination of the town. This lake is excellent traveler place for numerous factors and situated at the heart of the hill station. Among the largest natural water bodies of Assam, Haflong Lake provides a selection of leisure activities, like boating. The lake is well-maintained as well as clean as it is shielded by Dima Hasao Tourist-Forest Division as well as Dima Hasao Autonomous Council. The surroundings of the lake provide a haven for hundreds of migratory birds in winter. Haflong Lake is indeed a beautiful place to visit with your friends and families to make wonderful memories.

While visiting the Haflong Lake

While visiting the Haflong Lake, tourist should not lose out on boating, among the leisure tasks on the lake. Boating on the Haflong Lake gives a panoramic sight of the hill station and also the adjoining hills. Because the town is still devoid of pollution, while boating on the Haflong Lake, the clear skies and also the never ever ending perspective use a stunning view. The Haflong Lake is located at the centre of capital station and also vacationers wanting to stay in the hill station for a couple of days can most definitely invest a significant quantity of time in this picturesque place.

How To Reach Haflong Lake

You can visit Haflong Lake by just boarding buses and taxis on hire in Guwahati or Silchar with minimal costing. The road problems are great which allows you appreciate a short, pain-free trip. From Haflong Hill Railway Station, you can reach Haflong Lake by any means of local transport like car, buses or tour operator vehicles.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Haflong is during the winter season (October to February). Temperature levels continue to be uniformly awesome yet never ever dip to unpleasant levels. There are a number of migratory birds seeing the area during winters too.

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