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Batasia Loop Tourism

Batasia Loop is one of India's inspiring engineering architectural feats. Lying en-route while traveling by the Darjeeling Toy Train or walking back from the Tiger Hill, the loop is vital in the mountain train network and also is a beautiful landmark in the state. Enjoy the breathtaking panorama of Darjeeling from all angles, the majestic Mt Kanchendzonga and the scenic beauty of Eastern Himalayas. It was created to make a 1000 foot fall from the high Ghoom station navigable for toy train.

History Batasia Loop

Batasia Loop was commissioned in 1919 because it was an engineering requirement for the toy train to be able to manage the high gradient. Following Ghoom (the highest railway station) there is a sharp loss as the plaything train moves towards Darjeeling. There was no chance a narrow gauge toy train can navigate the extreme autumn of about 100 feet to the slope of the slope was decreased by a loop. A large circular area was built for the loop to make the slope gentle.

Tourist Attractions

Batasia means airy space. The Loop serves a vital purpose for the toy train but is likewise a destination in itself. The loop goes around a garden. The mountain garden is improved with fresh green grass, seasonal and also seasonal flowers as well as shrubs. Delight in the smells as well as sights of lovely flowers like Rhododendrons, Silver Firs, uncommon Gingko biloba as well as also tea plants. There are seating areas where one can view the train chugging down the incline. Found right in the centre of the yards is a War Memorial dedicated to the Gorkha Soldiers. The place was opened up in the year 1995 to memorialize the valour and also nerve of these soldiers who shed their lives in battles message Indian freedom. The Cenotaph as well as the statue of a soldier here is particularly significant. It is a peaceful place with incredible views.

How to Reach Batasia Loop

Situated at a distance of 5 kilometres from Darjeeling, you can get to Batasia Loop by taking a taxi or taxicab from the Darjeeling to Ghum, which takes about 20 mins.

Open Up Hours, Fees & Facilities

Daily 5am to 8pm. There is an entry fee of Rs. 15/- per person.

There are pay & use toilets for ladies and gents located inside at one end.