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Basically an island that looks like the form of a tortoise, Kutch is an erstwhile princely state of India holding onto its grandeur nature from the past.

Kutch is probably one of the most beautiful, yet surreal places in India. With the large expanses of white salt desert in the Rann of Kutch area, this is a amazing experience to witness. One would be able to see simply stretches of pure white land as for the eyesight goes. The place comes to life during the winters when the Rann Festival is held during December-February everywhere in which there are huge camp settlements with cultural programs, functions and adventure activities like hot-air ballooning. Kutch is also among the biggest district of India with a terribly low population density. Likewise, Kutch rests on the India-Pakistan boundary and you can see components of Pakistan from Kutch. Kutch is likewise popular for crafts and embroidery works, Flamingo Sanctuary as well as Wild Butt Sanctuary. Bhuj is an optimal beginning point to go to the Rann of Kutch. Stunning beaches of Mandvi near Bhuj are additionally entirely worth seeing throughout your trip to Kutch. Don't miss to see the ancient town of Dholavira.


Forming the North-Western region of Gujarat, Kutch is a land of heroism and love. One can see the traces of human settlement in Gujarat given that the time of Indus Valley Human being, which signifies that the very early Stone Age man utilized to love in the area. In fact, one of the biggest Harappan websites in the Indian sub-continent, Dholavira lies in the Khadir Bet Island of the Kutch. Historians state that Kutch was initial ruled by Enander I of Greco-Bactrian Kingdom, that was later on overthrown by Indo-Scythians and afterwards finally Gupta Empire came into power. Due its remarkable geographical conditions, Kutch has captured the rate of interest of many republics like Maitraka of Valabhi, Chavdas, Solanki, Vaghelas, Sindh, Rajput Samma as well as later in the thirteenth century, the length as well as breadth of the location were seized by the Jadeja Empire. In the year 1819, Kutch was captured by the East India Company after fighting a frightening battle versus the Jadgea dynasty.

Popular Tourism Places in Kutch

Places like Bhuj. Mandvi, Dholavira, Gandhidham, and also Anjar are amongst the best places to visit in Kutch region that people hardly know. Narayan Sarovar, among the five divine lakes mentioned in Shrimad Bhagvad as well as numerous other Jain and also Hindu expedition sights are also found right here. Bhuj, the Kutchi capital, get the maximum attention however there are several other areas that need to know. Places like Dholavira (a historical site that contains the damages of the Harappan city), Aina Mahal and Parag Mahal in Bhuj, Than Monastery and Vijay Villas Royal Palace of Mandvi are worth a visit for the history lovers. Aside from the major historical travel location, Mandvi is also a port city with an amazing shipbuilding yard. The coast and also marshlands of Kutch draw in numerous migratory and residential birds including huge groups of flamingos, pelicans and typical cranes are commonly seen flying in the area.

Things to Do in Kutch
  • Purchase Kutch embroidery jackets, mirror work fabrics, patchwork fabric, pottery, silver jewelry, rogan paintings, natural leather products and also embroidery runners from the neighborhood markets of Anjar and also Bhuj.
  • Go for a beach walk on the seaside land of Mandvi.
  • Visit the sites of Indus Valley Human being sites in Dholavira.
  • Sample local cuisines of Kutch like Dhokla, Thepala, Fafda, Kachori, Khandvi, Hahdwoh, Ganthia, Oondhiya, Debra, Surat Paun and countless other Gujrati delicacies.
  • Stay in an eco-resort or spend an evening in the tribal home stays.
  • Choose a jeep safari in the Jeep Safari in the Little Rann of Kutch
  • Stroll at the White Rann of Kutch completely Moonlight
  • Visit the Rann of Kutch's Indo-Pak border area.
  • Experience Kutch at its colorful and also exotic by going to the Kutch Utsav.
  • Go for wild animal’s safari to the Indian Wild Ass Haven in the Little Rann of Kutch in northwest Gujarat.
  • Meet as well as greet the Gujarat's African-Indian people- Siddi tribes that remain in the Bhuj region.
  • Go on a camel safari as well as camp out in the Great Rann of Kutch white desert.