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Dwarka is an ancient city in Gujarat which is an exciting tourist spot for the visitors who pay a visit to all the sightseeing places throughout the year without a fail. The most exotic part of Dwarka is the site from the banks of the Gomti River from where you can start a tour to the beautiful temples which have both spiritual and cultural importance in India.

Visit Dwarka

Dwarka is situated on the Western idea of Saurashtra peninsula and is renowned as the home of the Lord Krishna which is meant to be the door to salvation in the local language in which the name is written and its relevance has come into functioning. It is the core part of the Char Dham and boasts of being a spectacular spiritual location in the hostory with alluring architecture presented through the temples, engulfed by the sea and cultural relevance. Once you are in Dwarka, with Swan Tours you will love to get colored in spirituality and vibrancy of the place and its religious presence, in a nutshell. For more information on tourism package to Gujarat contact Swan Tours or call 011 23415601.