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Golden Triangle Culinary Tour

Golden Triangle Culinary Tour is a tour to the 3 marvelous cities of India (Delhi, Agra & Jaipur). This trip not just encompasses the exploration of heritage but also involve you to know their culture much better. 

A decade ago, culinary tourism was still a concept unknown to the Indian subcontinent. Known for its unique flavors and also Spices, Indian cuisine is extremely popular internationally. With the evolution of the tourism sector in India, culinary tourism is just one of the niches which get on the verge of becoming an entrée.

Since the culture of any kind of place can be known better well with its food. So while on this scenic tour attend a cooking demo by the chef, you get to know the art of cooking an Indian Food.

In today's era, ask any kind of foodie lover from any parts of the world as well as you will find that everyone wants to explore Indian food. Delectable curries to mouth-watering chaat to tandoori, specials to jalebis, travelers want to enjoy the diverse cuisine of this remarkable land. Travelers not only interested to know the history and culture of the areas however they are fascinated to take up a culinary tour of India. Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Goa, Varanasi, Kerala and Mumbai are a few of the popular destinations for cooking vacations and also holidays.

With unlimited varieties of vegetarian to non-vegetarian dishes, India is a heaven for food lovers across the globe. A culinary tour of India helps you take a trip down the diverse cooking cultures and also therefore known the nation better. Globally, traveling trends are transforming as well as food trips are not restricted to just tasting food yet rather delve into the cooking style, knowing the local flavors and attach to the history of the cuisines. 

A unique Golden Triangle has formed of the cities Delhi, Agra as well as Jaipur. This excursion will certainly emphasize on Indian cuisine as well as food. A must see for Travelers that desire a special intro to the basic Indian cuisine. The best of Northern, as well as West Indian cuisines, is covered right here, including all the view seeing of the 3 cities. The cooking activities will be the food tours, cooking classes, kitchen tours, restaurant visits, etc., as well as are guided by a chef, to ensure that you can cover each detail.

Join Us on a Food and Also Wine Tour for Yummy Insights

Our local guides use food traditions to open doors to a region's social life and history. Shoulder to shoulder with the locals, you'll forage in markets loaded high with produce and fresh-caught seafood. You'll be invited into kitchens for casual culinary directions with home cooks, specialist chefs as well as recipe books writers. Just photo yourself talking (and tasting) with bakers as well as cheese-makers or stalking the timbers with a truffle hunter. And of course, you'll sit down to indescribable meals.

Why you'll love this Trip?

Get a real taste of several of India's most famous culinary traditions- Mughal, Rajasthani, and the Portuguese - tinged flavours of Goa- while feasting with citizens in family-run restaurants, rural houses, or in temples.