Adventure » Zanskar Valley a Perfect Place for Adventure in Jammu and Kashmir

Zanskar Valley a Perfect Place for Adventure in Jammu and Kashmir

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Zanskar Valley Tourism

Being one of the most attractive valleys to visit in Leh Ladakh, the Zanskar valley is located in the Eastern corner of Jammu Kashmir that is bifurcated by the Zanskar mountain range and is also a part of the Tethys Himalayas. This place is known for the fine panoramic views and natural sceneries that it offers, water rafting experiences and also the enchanting Suru Valley. Witness the beautiful snow-clad glacier mountain peaks and clear waters down the valley that is spread across 5000 sq. km at an elevated height of 13,154 above the sea level. Make sure that you visit the place during the summer months because it is closed for 9 months of the year for the heavy snowfall.

Highlights of Zanskar Valley Tourism

Explore Zanskar Valley
Explore Zanskar Valley

State: Jammu and Kashmir

Location: Leh

Elevation: 7,756 m

Area: 7,000 km²

Zanskar is Famous For: Buddhist kingdoms

Best Time Visit: June to September

Ideal duration: 01 day

Zanskar Valley Travel Guide

Travel to Zanskar Valley
Travel to Zanskar Valley

For those seeking a complete Zanskar Valley travel guide, the team of Swan Tours, brings for them a brief recap on the valley’s should check out tourism locations, preferred traveler attractions, best things to do and a lot of recommended lodging alternatives to stay. We likewise have an ongoing bargain wherein we are providing most affordable holiday plans for prominent vacationer destinations in the state of Jammu & Kashmir; those interested are most welcome to contact at our helpline numbers and publication most financially rewarding of the bargains. Needless to say, having an experience in the travel market for over a decade, visitors can be well-assured of our world-class services and hassle cost-free arrangements, be it for sightseeing tours, getting needed vacationer authorizations, lodgings or airport transfers.


Valley Location
Valley Location

When it concerns remote and pristine area, Zanskar obtains as near to isolation as it can and also can be gotten to only through a lengthy 15 hours road drive. The travel along deceitful and also potholed surface complies with Suru River or obtains full via a tough expedition.

Why Visit Zanskar Valley?

Tourism in Zanskar Valley
Tourism in Zanskar Valley

However Zanskar Valley tourism, Zanskar is the preferred traveler location still due to the large location that is made lovely by numerous hues, the distinctive vegetation and fauna and also the incredibly variant type of weather conditions. There are 2 main branches of the Zanskar River; one is Doda which has source near Pensi-La as well as moves southern eastwards to get to Padum and also the second one is created by 2 tributaries called Kargyag River and also it has source near Shingo La.

Zanskar Valley Travel Tips

Tourism Tips

What to Avoid?

  1. Denim or jeans
  2. Sports shoes
  3. Sweaters
  4. Snacks, colas, alcohol and food.
  5. Don’t carry plastic bottles or plastic packaged items

What Things to keep in mind?

  1. Try to maintain your baggage weight in the range of (7-10 kg), or lighter, undesirable travel luggage will just make your course extra challenging.
  2. Discover “penguin walk” style from the doorpersons as well as guide! In this manner of walking calls for dragging the foot without much lifting. A should recognize while you are strolling the track covered in snow.
  3. During Zanskar Valley tourism Sunglasses are compulsory for the trek as they prevent snow blindness
  4. Acclimatization is a must for all the trekkers
  5. Though sunscreen assists avoid sunburns, try to stay covered as much as you can
  6. While packaging, make use of plastic bags to compartmentalize points and also bring few added plastic bags for wet clothing.

Tourist Places in Zanskar Valley

Zanskar River
Zanskar River

Here is list of must visit tourist attractions in this Valley below:-

  1. Suru Valley
  2. Shafat Glacier
  3. Parkachik Glacier
  4. Drang Drung Glacier
  5. Parkachik La
  6. Pensi La
  7. Umasi La
  8. Shingo La
  9. Nun-Kun Massif
  10. Ta Tso and the Lang Tso lakes
  11. Fort of Rangdum
  12. Zangla Fort or Palace
  13. Doda River
  14. Zanskar River
  15. Suru River
  16. Chadar Trek

Monasteries to Visit

Monasteries  in Zanskar
Monasteries in Zanskar

It is thought that it was through Zanskar that Buddhism made its method into Ladakh. A few of the earliest Buddhist monasteries are located here as well as are absolutely worth a check out. Here is list of popular monasteries in Zanskar Valley below:-

  1. Sani Monastery
  2. Bardan Monastery
  3. Dzongkhul Monastery
  4. Rangdum Gompa
  5. Karsha Monastery
  6. Pibiting Monastery
  7. Stongdey Monastery
  8. Phuktal Monastery

For more information on Zanskar Valley tourism and ladakh trip packages contact Swan Tours India one of the leading Zanskar Valley travel guide or call +91 11 234145601.

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