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List of Top 34 Famous Temples in Rajasthan

by swantour
Temples in Rajasthan

Temples in Rajasthan – Rajasthan is such a charming place to go to when it comes to tourist destinations in India. The royal state of rajasthan is known for excellent forts, grand havelis, splendid palace and also luxury hotels. Rajasthan has a number of ancient temples you should know about and must visit during the temple tour of rajasthan. If you are one amongst those who just wish to go for seeing the tourist attractions in rajasthan, after that this simple blog will help you plan your journey accordingly.

34 Famous Temples of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is not just a place of forts and monuments as well as havelis, but also a rich location for temples and also rituals. Lots of people think it is just the best place to go for shopping handcrafted items, but going to temples in rajasthan will definitely change the tripping experience in you as well as here’s the reason why. The desert state of rajasthan is famous for beauty, rituals and pilgrimage and magnificent temples around the state.

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Even if you do not follow Hinduism or the relating religion, you are allowed to enter the temple as well as participate in rituals. This is the very best way to enjoy the culture of the land, taste some delicacies and have a vivid time during festivals. Here in this blog, we shall be covering a few of popular temples in rajasthan to make your rajasthan tour much more interesting.

#1. Birla Mandir in Jaipur

Birla Mandir
Birla Mandir

Much like a lot of the cities across India, Jaipur also has its own Birla mandir, which is one of the most visited temple in Rajasthan. Also known as Lakshmi-Narayan temple, it enjoys obvious visibility in the skyline of south Jaipur. Built by the thriving Birla family in 1998, it is dedicated to lord Vishnu and also his companion, goddess Laxmi, who is believed to bring all the luck and fortune in Hinduism. The Birla mandir has 3 domes to represent the 3 faiths of India; a homage to the secular nature of the country. The Birla temple has lush environment-friendly gardens all around the temple.


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Temple Timings: The regular visiting hours are between, 8.00 am to 12.00 and 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm daily.

Temple Address: Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, Tilak Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302004

Dress Code: No particular dress code

How to Reach: Birla temple lies in Jaipur city. Jaipur is well connected by road, rail, and also air. Jaipur is simply 268 kilometers from Delhi.

Visit Duration: 1:50 to 3 hours

Best Time to Visit: Navratri and also Diwali are good times to visit this temple.

Nearby Attraction: Amar Jawan Jyoti as well as Src Museum of Indology.

#2. Brahma Temple in Pushkar

Brahma Temple
Brahma Temple

Jagatpita Brahma temple is located in Pushkar, close to the spiritual Pushkar Lake. This temple is believed to be about 2000 years old and also is dedicated to Lord Brahma, the god of creation in Hinduism. The temple is built with marble and stone slabs. The sanctum sanctorum of the temple houses the statue of Lord Brahma together with his wife, Hayatri. The current structure, as it stands today, can be credited by maharaja Jagat raj of Ratlam. Pilgrims, holy men and also sages first swim in the divine Pushkar lake before offering their prayers in the temple.

Temple Timings: Open up on all the times from 5:30 am to 10:00 pm

Three Aartis are held in the Temple: Sandhya arati in the evening about 40 minutes after sunset, Ratri Shayan arati about 5 hours past sunset and Mangala arati in the morning, about 2 hours before sunrise.

Temple Address: Brahma Temple Rd, Ganahera, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022

Dress Code: No details outfit code, though modest as well as traditional outfits are chosen

How to Reach: Brahma temple lies at 10 km from Ajmer city. Ajmer is well connected by roadway and rail. The closest flight terminal is Jaipur (131 km). Jaipur is 391 km from Delhi.

Best Time to See: Kartika Poornima is the very best time to visit this Temple.

Local Tourist attraction: Rathore Camel Safari, Chandawat Camel Safari, Pushkar Lake

#3. Karni Mata Temple in Bikaner

Karni Mata Temple
Karni Mata Temple

Karni Mata Temple at Deshnoke near Bikaner is also called the Temple of Rats. The Temple is famous for 20,000 large populations of black rats called kabbas, live and also feed in the temple. The temple is dedicated to Siren Mata Karni, taken into consideration to be an incarnation of Goddess Durga. It was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner in the 20th century in splendid Mughal style. Apart from the rats, the sculpture of Mata Karni, standing at virtually 75cm, is a major crowd puller. The food offered by the devotees is munched by the rats.

Temple Timings: Open up throughout the week from 4:30 am – 10:00 pm

Temple Address: NH89, Deshnok, Bikaner, Rajasthan 334801

Dress Code: No specific dress code

How to Reach: The well-known Temple of Mata Karni is simply 610 m far from Deshnok train station and about 30.5 km from Bikaner Airport terminal. Frequent bus services are available to Bikaner from Delhi, Ajmer, Udaipur, as well as Kota. If coming overtrain, services at Bikaner railway station.

Best Time to Visit: Ashvin Shukla Dashmi, Chaitra and also Karni Mata Fair are the best times to visit Karni Mata Temple.

Visit Duration: 1 to 2 hours

Nearest Attraction: Nothing much to visit near this temple

#4. Eklingji Temple in Udaipur

Eklingji Temple
Eklingji Temple

This 8th century Temple is located in Udaipur. This Temple complex was claimed to be built with 108 temples, surrounded by high walls. Today, a couple of temples stand proud. The primary temple of the complex is Shiva Temple. The original temple was built by Bappa Rawal (creator of the Mewar Empire) in the 8th century. In the 15th century, Rana Kumbha rebuilt the temple while creating a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The Temple also impresses visitors with its magnificent style. One of the primary temples has a four-faced picture of Lord Shiva in black marble. However, the highlight of the Temple is the shilling which is garlanded by a silver snake.

Temple Timings: Shift timings are there. In the morning- 4:15 am to 6:44 am, 10:30 am to 1:30 pm and in the evening at 5:15 pm to 7:45 pm. The temple a lot is much crowded on Monday than normal days.

Temple Address: NH 8, Udaipur District, Karawari, Rajasthan 313202

Dress Code: Both men and women need to wear a full-length dress while entering the temple. Shorts or Bermudas are not allowed.

How to Reach: Ekalingji Temple is located about 22 km away from Udaipur city. There are private bus services also available via NH 8, Udaipur, which will take you to the temple stop.

Best Time to Go: Monday’s and also Mahashivratri are great times to see            this temple.

Nearest Tourist Attraction: Udaipur City Palace, Lake Pichola, Jag Mandir

#5. Galtaji Temple in Jaipur

Galtaji Temple
Galtaji Temple

Make sure you see Galtaji Temple, an old Temple in Khania-Balaji town near Jaipur, which is an important part of Rajasthan tourism. It comprises many temples and spiritual water tanks. Tourists take a divine dip in the Temple for redemption. There’s also a temple called Ramgopalji which is called Monkey Temple considering that a huge people of monkeys live there. You can find lots of shrines inside the Temple facility for Sun God, Balaji as well as others.

Temple Timings: Open on throughout the days of the week from 5:00 am to 9:00 pm

Temple Address: Galtaji, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Dress Code: No particular dress code but maintain a respectable dressing

How to Reach: The Nearest airport is Sanganer which is a very short distance. Simply pick a taxicab or taxi to the temple. The nearest railway station is Bais Godam which is just 1 km away from the temple.

Best Time to Visit: Makar Sankranti is a great time to see this temple.

Closest Tourist attraction: Galta Fort, Monkey Temple, Jaipur Jantar Mantar

Did you know?

One of the temples in Galtaji called Ram Sita Temple is always occupied by monkeys throughout the year. They were included in a program collection run by National Geographic called Rebel Monkeys.

#6. Mehandipur Balaji Temple

Mehandipur Balaji
Mehandipur Balaji

No pilgrimage tour is complete without visiting the most famous temple in Rajasthan is Mehandipur Balaji Temple in Mehandipur. This Temple is dedicated to the Monkey God, Hanuman. Mehandipur Balaji Temple is especially known to eliminate evil spirits. You can find lots of exorcists at work. Ritual healing processes would be carried out by saints inside the temple. If you are up for some interesting time, this is the very best temple to pick.

Temple Timings: Open 24 hr

Temple Address: Balaji, Rajasthan, Maruti Nandan Wali Gali, Sharma Mishthan Bhandar Agra Rd, Mehandipur, Todabhim, Rajasthan 303303

Dress Code: there is no dress code for entering this temple

How to Reach: There is no straight train that reaches extremely next to the temple. The nearest railway station is the Bandikui railway station which is 36 km from the temple.

Best Time to Visit: Chaitra Purnima, Ashvin Purnima and also Hanuman Jayanti are excellent days to visit this temple.

Nearest Attraction: Chand Baori, Fort Madhogarh, Bhandarej

#7. Sai Dham in Dausa

Sai Dham
Sai Dham

Sai Dham is located at Rani in Pali district is a replica of the original Shirdi Sai Baba Temple. In the Marwar region, the temple is considered to be sacred as well as powerful. The idol of this Temple is made with snow-white marble. The divine being stands at 5.5 feet in height. Shri Chunilal Bakhtawar Mehta Charitable Trust in Mumbai constructed the temple. If you are searching for a calm experience, go to this Temple. Pick Thursdays to find interesting rituals and also activities inside the temple.

Temple Timings: Opening time 6:00 am and also shutting time: 9:00 pm

Temple Address: Jain Mohalla, Sainthal Dham, Dausa, Rajasthan

Dress Code: No dress code

How to Reach: There are regular buses from Vijayawada to Sai Dham Rani, Rajasthan.

Best Time to Visit: On every Thursdays, Havan is being performed by Vedic masters by utilizing spiritual incantations and concepts.

Visit Duration: 1 hr

Nearby Attraction: Jawai dam, Bangor museum,

#8. Rani Sati Temple in Jhunjhunu

Rani Sati Temple
Rani Sati Temple

Rani Sati Temple in of Jhunjhunu district is the biggest Hindu temple in India committed to Rani Sati of the 13th century, who died due to self-immolation after her husband’s death. She is also called as Narayani Devi. This temple does not hold any type of deity. There is a huge trident, which denotes power, force and also bravery. The Temple holds a large picture of Rani Sati. The Temple is made with marble and you can discover lots of wall paintings. Inside the complex, you can find Hanuman temple, Lord Shiva Temple, Lord Ganesh temple, Sita temple and also others. The temples are surrounded by a garden. An aarti is performed out at the temple two times a day, when in the morning and as soon as in the evening.

Temple Timings: Opening time 5:30 am and also shutting time: 10:30 pm

Temple Address: Karanpur, Jhunjhunu area, Rajasthan

Dress Code: No gown code

How to Reach: There are frequent buses from Jhunjhunu to Sati Temple, Rajasthan.

Best Time to Visit: On Navratri and also Karva Chauth.

Visit Duration: 1 hr

Nearby Attraction: Wind Royal Palace and also Khetri Mahal

#9. Ambika Mata Temple in Udaipur

Ambika Mata Temple
Ambika Mata Temple

Ambika Mata Temple is located in the town of Jagat near Udaipur and preserved by Archaeology and also Museum Department of Rajasthan. The temple is Palace known to as the Khajuraho of Mewar as a result of several great sculptures. This Temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga. The temple is located on a rock cleft and also it was built around 961 AD. This temple is also dedicated to Jainism. What inevitably capture the visitor’s fancy are the sculptures, a feature that makes it quite different from the various other temples.

Temple Timings: Open up on all the times 6:00 am to 7:00 pm

Temple Address: Agat, Rajasthan 313905

Dress code: no specific dress code

How to Reach: The temple is located 58 km southeast of Udaipur and hence one can easily reach by local modes of transport.

Best Time to Go: Navratri is the very best time to see this temple.

Closest Attraction: Chandni town, Dharohar individual dance, Bagore Ki Haveli

#10. Salasar Balaji Temple in Churu

Salasar Balaji Temple
Salasar Balaji Temple

Salasar Balaji temple or Salasar Dam situated in the town of Salasar in Churu area is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman that is also the providing deity right here. This 18th-century temple is well-known for its trademark rituals as well as aartis. You can find these rituals, on a daily basis in the Temple. The Balaji idol has an extra round face with a beard and mustache. This is just one of the most religious locations in the state of Rajasthan and also the number of enthusiasts visiting here reaches to about a million each day.

Temple Timings: Open on all the times from 4:00 am till 10:00 pm in the evening

Temple Address: Salasar- Sikar Rd, Salasar, Rajasthan 331506

Dress Code: No specific outfit code however ethnic and good outfit favored.

How to Reach: The most effective way to reach this temple is to reach Delhi and after that catch a train to Sujangarh which is just 25 kilometres far from Salasar.

Best time to Visit: Chaitra Purnima, Hanuman Jayanti, and Ashvin Purnima are the best time to visit this temple.

Closest Attraction: Fort Khuri, Rani Sati Temple, Jeen Mata Temple, and Khatu Shyam Ji

#11. Parshuram Mahadev Temple in Pali

Parshuram Mahadev Temple
Parshuram Mahadev Temple

Among the must-visit areas during your visit in Rajasthan is Parshuram Mahadev Temple in Pali. The Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva, is located at the border of Pali and Rajsamand district. The Temple is called Amarnath cavern temple of Rajasthan, situated at 3,995 feet over water level. There are 500 staircases to reach down to the old cavern. Priest of this old Parshuram temple would inform the lots of stairs of the history as well as stairs the developments which are called ‘Kamdhenu’.

Temple Timings: Open on all days from 5:00 am till 09:00 pm in the night

Temple Address: Pali area, Rajasthan 306401

Dress Code: No particular dress code but ethnic as well as decent dress preferred.

How to Reach: Parshuram Temple is lies in the Rajsamand area in the Kumbhalgarh and 98 kilometers from Udaipur. One can conveniently reach her by bus, rail or taxi.

Best Time to Visit: The Temple hosts 2 fairs throughout the year during the event of Shravan Shukla Ashtami and also Saptami, which are typically kept in the months of August/September. It is seen by hundreds of supporters.

Local Tourist Attraction: Kumbhalgarh Fort

#12. Ranakpur Jain Temple in Ranakpur

Ranakpur Jain Temple
Ranakpur Jain Temple

Ranakpur Jain Temple, situated almost 90 kilometers from the city of Udaipur, is a spectacular sight ahead across. It covers an area of 48,000 sq, ft, with its design being a brilliant amalgamation of size as well as aesthetics. Jain temples in Ranakpur are dedicated to Lord Adinath, Jains’ initial Tirthankar. 4 temples, 29 magnificent pillared halls, and 80 domes supported by 1444 columns are peculiarities of this temple facility. A 6ft tall statue of Lord Adinath (the very first Tirthankara in Jain history) is also a major attraction inside the temple, which sits gracefully under the largest spire of the primary Temple facility.

Temple Timings: Open on all days from 12:00 am till 05:00 pm in the night

Temple Address: Ranakpur, Rajasthan, India

Dress Code: No dress code

How to Reach: The local flight terminal to Ranakpur Jain Temple is Maharana Pratap Airport and also has to do with 108 kilometers from the temple while the local railway terminal to Ranakpur Jain temple is Falna train terminal and is just 34.7 km away. Travelers can conveniently reach the destination from both the places by hiring any kind of public transportation like a personal taxicab, bus or taxi.

Nearby Destination: Surya Temple, Chaumukha Temple, Parshvanath Temple, and Amba Mata Temple

Did you know: It is a testimony to the temple’s magnificent architecture as well as perfection that no 2 pillars are the same, with each one having its distinct design.

#13. Tanot Mata Temple, Jaisalmer

Tanot Mata Temple
Tanot Mata Temple

Tanot Mata Temple in Jaisalmer is located really close to the border as well as close to the battle site of Longewala in the Thar Desert in Rajasthan. The temple is dedicated to Tanot Mata, believed to be an incarnation of Goddess Hinglaj. Tanot Mata Temple or Mateshwari Tanot Rai Mandir same temple you have actually seen sometimes in the Bollywood ‘Border’ movie. Tanot Mata temple remained untouched in spite of the heavy shelling by Pakistan during Indo-Pak battle of 1971. Those unexploded bombs currently can be seen in the Tanot Mata Temple museum. This reinforced peoples’ belief that the temple was protected at all times by Goddess Tanot.

Temple Timings: Visitors cannot go beyond the temple without special permission.

Temple Address: Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

Dress Code: No outfit code

How to Reach: Tanot Mata Temple lies at 150 km from Jaisalmer city and also one can reach only by hiring a private taxi which takes around 2 hrs. There is no mobile network besides BSNL, so take care. The roadway to Tanot is surrounded with miles and miles of sand dunes as well as sand mountains.

Best Time to Visit: The temperatures in the location can go up to 49 ° C and the perfect time to check out the place is from November to January.

Main Attraction: There is a museum located just next to the Temple which houses a number of artifacts from the India Pakistan war and also is a great tourist attraction for vacationers.

#14. Dilwara Jain Temples in Mount Abu

Dilwara Jain Temples
Dilwara Jain Temples

India is populated with Jain temples, each beautiful in its own way. Among one of the most well-known Jain temples in India is Dilwara Jain Temples in Mount Abu. Located about 3 kilometers from Mount Abu, the about hill station of Rajasthan, it was built between the 11th and also 13th centuries AD by Vipul Shah and Vastupal Tejpal, two famous Jain ministers. Sculpted in white marble, every part of this popular Jain Temple exudes artistic beauty which has actually been its hallmark for centuries. The 5 marble temples of Dilwara are most lovely Jain pilgrimage sites in the world. Each of these Temples has something unique to offer in terms of architecture.

Temple Timings: The normal checking out hours are in between, 06.00 am to 06.00 pm every day.

Temple Address: Sirohi district, Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Dress Code: No specific dress code

How to Reach: Dilwara temples can be easily accessible through road from Mount Abu (2.5 km). It is located in Sirohi district, Rajasthan. It is well connected to Jodhpur (264 km) through Sirohi and Pali by Abu road. The nearest railway station is Abu Road 29 km away and the nearest airport is Udaipur (185 km).

No Video Camera: No photography is permitted inside the temple complex.

Check out Duration: 1 to 2 hours

Local Destination: Vimal Vasahi, Luna Vasahi, Pittalhar Temple, Shri Parshvanatha Temple, and Shri Mahavir Swami Temple

Did You Know: The Dilwara Jain Temples included in a postal stamp provided by the Indian Postal Department in 2009.

#15. Ajmer Sharif Dargah in Ajmer

Ajmer Sharif Dargah
Ajmer Sharif Dargah

One of the most Department Ajmer Sharif Dargah is an area of the worshipers of the Muslims but people from various other communities also visit this location in mass number. This Sufi saint is known to have come from Persia as well as died in 1236 in Ajmer after winning all hearts. This place is considered as the last relaxing location for ‘Garib Nawaz’ or Khwaza Moinuddin Chishti which is situated below in Rajasthan’s Ajmer area where people of all religions come to participate in annual Urs. Urs is a celebration which comes from the Muslim religion but actively celebrated amongst all communities & faiths. It is celebrated for 3 days.

Dargah Timings: Open up on all days in winter months from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM and in summertime 4:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Three ceremonies are kept in the Dargah:

  • Khidmat: One at 4:00 am with the call of azan and second at 3:00 pm.
  • Lighting (Ros): Khadims bring candles inside the tomb with the beating of drums and lights up.
  • Karka: Before 20 minutes of closing the door when the fifth part of the night passes, the clock sounds five times.
  • Sama (Qawwali): after all namaz are over

Dress Code: no specific dress code, though modest and conservative dresses, are preferred

How to Reach: The Dargah located 3 kilometers from the primary bus stand at Ajmer. It takes around 2 Hrs and also 30 Minutes to reached there by using NH48 highway.

Best Time to Visit: During Urs festival is the best time to visit Ajmer Sharif Dargahs holy tomb remains open throughout the day and night. Ajmer becomes a holy place in the Urs festival. During Urs, the Dargah’s main gates called the Jannati Darwaza (Gateway to Heaven), which normally remains closed, are opened for the devotees.

Closest Attraction: Sanadli Mosque, Mazar of Bibi Hafiz Jamal, Aulia Masjid, Baba Farid Ka Chilla

#16. Govind Dev Ji Temple in Jaipur

Govind Dev Ji Temple
Govind Dev Ji Temple

Situated in Jaipur, Govind Devji Temple has an interesting story related to it. Explaining the temples Govind Dev Ji Temple is one of the temples which are very much famous for the name of Lord Krishna. The temple is one of the temples to Lord Krishna and has bright hours during of Janmashtami which is considered as the birthday celebration of Lord Krishna. The building of the Temple goes back to 1890 as well as has the settings the dazzling architectural of red sandstone. The entire place resounds with a pious which is considered as the, sending vibes of peace to the soul.

Temple Timings: 05:00 am – 09:00 pm in different time ports, subject to change in various sending.

Temple Address: Jainiwas Gardens, Jalebi Chowk, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302002, India

Dress Code: No specific dress code

How to Reach: Govind Devji Temple is located in between the Badal Mahal and Chandra Mahal in the city palace complex. To reach Govind Devji Temple one can either hire an autorickshaw or a cab.

Best Time to See: Janmashtami is the best times to see Govind Devji Temple.

Visit Duration: 1 to 2:30 hours

Nearest Attraction: Chandra Mahal Royal Palace

#17. Akshardham Temple in Jaipur

Akshardham Temple
Akshardham Temple

Akshardham Temple in Jaipur is a popular tourist destination, Akshardham Temple is devoted to Lord Narayan or Lord Vishnu and also is renowned for its stunning style as well as cultural heritage. The walls of the Temple are covered with beautiful paints, sculptures, carvings and also mantras that encourage the visitors as well as fill them with confidence and also positive. This temple is famous for its impressive idolizers, carvings, and sculptures. It is dedicated to Lord Narayan and also is renowned for its rich eco-friendly location. Akshardham temple provides the genuine real of Indian architecture, cultural heritage and also sculptures of Hindu gods to the visitors.

Temple Timings: Shift timings are there. In the early morning- 07:30 am to 12:00 am and also in the evening at 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The temple opens all the times except Mondays.

Temple Address: Akshardham Mandir, Vaishali Nagar, Chitrakoot, Jaipur, Rajasthan-302021

Dress Code: Both men and women need to wear a full-length dress while entering the temple. Shorts or Bermudas are not allowed.

How to Reach: Akshardham Temple is located in the central region of Jaipur and can be accessed easily by roadways via Ajmer Road, Hawa Sadak or the Delhi Agra Bypass Road. Public transport can be utilized to reach the attraction. Buses and auto rickshaws are easily available from any part of the city.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to check out Akshardham Temple in Jaipur is in between the months of October and February, which mark the winter season in Rajasthan

#18. Chamunda Mata Temple in Jodhpur

Chamunda Mata Temple
Chamunda Mata Temple

Chamunda Mataji Temple is lies at the southern end of the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur. The idol of Devi Chamunda Mataji was brought to the fort in the year 1460 by Rao Jodha as the goddess was his goddess. This temple is located close to the southerly gateway of Mehrangarh Fort. It had actually been a favorite place of worship for the royal families of Jodhpur.

Temple Timings: Open on throughout the days of the week from 5:00 am to 9:00 pm

Temple Address: Gulab Sagar, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, 342001, India

Dress Code: No specific dress code

How to Reach: The Chamunda Mata Temple is about 6 kilometers from the Main Jodhpur Bus Stand. If you can walk, then take the station road as then the distance is cut to a mere 2.6 kilometers. It is also not really far from the railway station and is just 6 kilometers away.

Best Time to Go: As the town of Jodhpur is pretty much close to the Thar Desert, it is best to see the Chamunda Mata Temple during winter season especially in between the months of October and March. The festival of Dussehra is one of the peak seasons when one can see huge traffic at the temple and also the Fort of Mehrangarh.

Nearby Attraction: Jaswant Thada, Phool Mahal, Bheru Mandir

#19. Achal Nath Temple in Jodhpur

Achal Nath Temple
Achal Nath Temple

Achal Nath Temple in Jodhpur is a well-known Shiva temple built in 1531 by Nanak Devi. She was the queen of Rao Ganga. There is a water reservoir known to as ‘Ganga Bawari’ situated near the Shivling inside the shrine.

Temple Timings: 10 A.M to 4 P.M.

Entry Fees: Entry is free of cost.

Distance: 9.2 kilometers from Jodhpur airport terminal. One can quickly go by bus or taxi.

The faith of the Temple and Kinds of Pujas Performed: It’s a Hindu temple which is devoted to Lord Shiva

Nearby Attraction: Kunj Bihari Temple, Balsamand Lake, Umaid Bhawan Palace

#20. Andeshwar Parshwanath in Kushalgarh

Andeshwar Parshwanath
Andeshwar Parshwanath

Shri Andeshwar Parshwanath Jain temple is situated in Rajasthan, and also is located 40 kilometers from Banswara. The Temple is house to rare Shilalekhs from the 10th century. The place also houses 2 Digamabara Jain Parshwanatha Temples. The major temple was built by Digambar Jain Panchayat of Kushalgarh.

#21. Avari Aawari Mata Ji Temple in Chittorgarh

Avari Aawari Mata Ji
Avari Aawari Mata Ji

Avari Mata Temple is a popular Temple of Hindus. This Avari Mata Ji Temple is also called Aawari Mata Ji temple and also it is among the popular Temples of Rajasthan. The temple is dedicated to goddess Avari Mata and also the temple the Aasawara town. The temple is beautifully cleared up in between hills as well as waterfalls.

Temple Open and also Close Timing: 05:30 am to 10:00 pm. In special days visiting times can be changed.

Location: Bhadesar area, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan 312602

Did You Know: It has been visited by people seeking a cure for paralysis and polio.

#22. Baba Ramdev Temple in Jodhpur

Baba Ramdev Temple
Baba Ramdev Temple

Baba Ramdev Temple (also spelled Baba Ramdeo) is one of the most significant tourists and also religious tourist attractions of the city of Jodhpur. The temple is devoted to Baba Ramdeo. Baba Ramdeo was birthed in the Rajput family. The Temple attracts a lot of supporters especially in the ‘Bhadva’ season or during August-September.

Temple Timings: 05:00 AM to 09:00 PM.

How to Reach: It located in between the Jalori as well as Nagori Entrance of Jodhpur. You can use the readily available public transportation or hire a taxicab to reach this place.

#23. Bullet Baba Temple in Jodhpur

Bullet Baba Temple
Bullet Baba Temple

The Bullet Baba Temple, in Rajasthan’s Pali area near to Jodhpur, is not such as any other traditional Temple. It is a shrine where a Royal Enfield 350cc is worshiped. The temple is called Om Banna but commonly is referred to as Bullet Baba Temple.

Location: Opp Rajputana Hotel, National Highway 62, Om Banna, Rajasthan 306421

Did You Know: This is a temple in which the Royal Enfield Bullet is worshiped.

#24. Charbhuja Mandir in Rajasthan

Charbhuja Mandir
Charbhuja Mandir

The temple was built in the year 1444 AD. Engravings inside the Temple suggest that the village then was called Badri, thus the temple was considered to be the Temple of Badrinath or Lord Vishnu. It is believed to be among one of the most popular places of Lord Vishnu followers and also is reckoned an impressive center of the Vaishnava cult. It is also believed that the temple and its deity were also worshipped by the Pandavas.

#25. Dwarkadhish Temple in Nathdwara

Dwarkadhish Temple
Dwarkadhish Temple

Dwarkadhish Temple of Kankroli is one of the noticeable traveler destinations of Nathdwara located in the Kankroli Village. This temple also famous as ‘Kankroli Temple’. This Temple has unique importance from the spiritual point and also has attracted millions of devotees from the various parts of the world. In fact, your trip to Rajasthan shall not be considered complete without seeing the Dwarkadhish Temple at Kankroli.

Area: 65 km from Udaipur, In Kankroli Rajsamand

How to Reach: One can quickly reach Kankroli Temple from Udaipur city by taking Regular Buses or by hiring Taxis.

#26. Moti Dungri Ganesh Temple in Jaipur

Moti Dungri Ganesh Temple
Moti Dungri Ganesh Temple

Moti Dungri Ganesh temple defines the improvement of Old Indian architecture and also its relation with psychology and mind. The name of the temple is after the name of the palace and it means Moti – The pearl as well as Dungri – the word is made use to specify small hill in Rajasthani. The temple is built of rock carvings as well as is also known for its beautiful latticework on the marble.

Temple Timings: The temple remains open from 5 am to 1:30 pm and then from 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm on throughout the days of the week.

Entrance Charge: No entrance cost

Best Time to Go: The months of October to March are the perfect months to prepare a tour to Jaipur when the weather condition is really relaxing and also soothing.

#27. Jagdish Temple in Udaipur

Jagdish Temple
Jagdish Temple

Jagdish Temple is a Hindu temple which is very large in size as well as is located in the middle of Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan. It is a major tourist destination which is also known to as the Temple of Jagannath Rai but is currently called the Temple of Jagdish Ji. The peacefulness along with the architectural natural beauty of the temple cannot be bounded in words, so one must see this Temple to get the true blessings of Lord Jagdish.

Temple Timings: The Temple is open to the general public for all days of the week from early morning 05:00 AM tonight 09:00 PM with all puja vidhis performed in time.

Location: Inside City Palace Facility

How to Reach: One can quickly get to Jagdish Temple from the city by taking local Buses, Rickshaws, Tongas as well as Cabs.

#28. Kunj Bihari Temple in Jodhpur

Kunj Bihari Temple
Kunj Bihari Temple

Kunj Bihari Temple in Jodhpur, Rajasthan looks like a replica of the Ghanshyamji Temple in Jodhpur. Kunj Bihari Temple is one more example of architectural elegance in Jodhpur. Specifically, the top of the temple and its entrance are creatively made. Followers of Krishanji should artistically to see this Temple on their journey to Jodhpur.

Temple Timings: 6 AM to 12 PM as well as 7 PM to 10 PM

How to Reach: At a distance of 2 km from Jodhpur Junction and also 3 km from Mehrangarh Fort, the Kunj Bihari Temple is a Hindu temple located near Ghanta Ghar market in Jodhpur city of Rajasthan.

#29. Laxman Mandir in Bharatpur

Laxman Mandir
Laxman Mandi

There are two Laxman Forehead in the heart of the city, one of them is nearly 4 centuries old which is. The various other, about 300 years old was made by the founder of Bharatpur, Maharaja Baldev Singh. It is beautifully made from sandstone as well as marble. The Temple lies in the center of the Bharatpur city and dedicated to Laxman, brother of the Hindu deity, Lord Rama.

#30. Lodurva Jain Temple in Jaisalmer

Lodurva Jain Temple
Lodurva Jain Temple

Lodurva is a town in Jaisalmer area of Rajasthan. Lodurva also called as Lodrawa or Lodarva was the official capital of Bhatti dynasty to 1156 AD before it was shifted to Jaisalmer. The temple walls are embellished with the pictures of Lord Parsvanath, the 23rd Jain Tirthankar. Surrounded by sandy dunes, Lodurva is well-known for its historical temples. The arches of these Lodurva Jain temples are similar to the Dilwar design of temple architecture.

#31. Madareshwar Shiva Temple in Banswara

Madareshwar Shiva Ji
Madareshwar Shiva Ji

The Temple of Madareshwar is located at the eastern part of Banswara city in a natural cave on top of a hill towards the eastern part of the city. It gives a marvelous view. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This Temple serves as the inception point for Kavadi yatra, which finishes at the Baneshwar Temple.

#32. Meerabai Temple in Chittorgarh

Meerabai Temple
Meerabai Temple

Chittorgarh is the area where Meera Bai was born who was a Rajput princess and is also being well known as a poetess as well as a saint. It is the only Temple devoted to Meera Bai, a Rajput princess who gave up her royal life and also dedicated her life to Lord Krishna. The Meera Temple Chittorgarh was built throughout Rana Kumbha’s reign. The visit to the Meera Tempel will also allow you to find out about different significant historical facts. You will learn Rajput’s disposition in the direction of Hinduism.

Timings: 9.45 AM to 6 PM

Entry Cost: situated inside the fort complex

Fort Entry Fee: Rs. 15 for Indian and Rs. 200 for Foreigner

How to Reach: At a distance of 350 m from Kumbha Royal residence and also 6 km from Chittorgarh Railway Station, Kumbha Shyam Temple is a Hindu temple situated inside Chittorgarh Fort. It is among the popular Temples in Chittorgarh Fort Complex and Complex one of the top areas to check out in Chittorgarh.

#33. Shrinathji Temple in Nathdwara

Shrinathji Nathdwara
Shrinathji Nathdwara

Shrinathji temple of Nathdwara, Rajasthan is a Hindu Temple dedicated to one of the characters of Lord Krishna – Shrinathji. It has been created in the lines of the temple of Nanda Maharaj, in Vrindavan. The Shrinathji Temple of Nathdwara is well-known for the Shringar of the deity where the dedicated is dressed in a new outfit every day. Fans come from all over the world come to see the idol’s different forms.

Area: 48 kilometers in the northeast of Udaipur

How to reach: One can easily reach Nathdwara Temple from the city either by taking normal Buses or by hiring Taxis

#34. Vedi Temple in Kumbhalgarh

Vedi Temple
Vedi Temple

Vedi Temple is located near to the Hanuman Pol of the Kumbhalgarh Fort. This Jain Temple was constructed by Rana Kumbha to honor the sacrifice of the pilgrims. The structure of the Temple was later renovated by Maharana Fateh Singh. This temple is considered to be the only remnant amongst all sacrificial areas in the country. The UNESCO world heritage is a great tourist attraction to all, as one reaches delight in the impressive architecture of the fort and also pay respects to the pilgrim-sacrifice site built within the Vedi Temple. The temple is elevated on a high platform and also faces the west.

Temple Timings: The temple is open from 8am-6pm all the times, including weekends and also public holidays.

Entry Costs: Visitors are charged with a nominal fee to enter the premises of the Kumbhalgarh fort. However, there is no entrance fee for paying a visit to the Vedi Temple or Vedi Complex situated next to the Hanuman Pol.

Every Temple has its very own unique style and design which establishes it besides various other Temples. There you have it; the 34 famous temples in Rajasthan. Plan a trip to Rajasthan soon and go to these unique temples. If you have actually enjoyed in reading this blog site, please like our customized tour packages to the Rajasthan pilgrimage destinations in India and contact Swan Tours, One of the leading tour operators in India since 1995.

Why Should You Visit Rajasthan’s Temples 

Immerse yourself in history and culture: 

Rajasthan’s temples are more than just religious sites; they’re architectural marvels that stand as testaments to the region’s rich history and vibrant culture. Exploring these temples is a journey through time, allowing you to witness the artistic influences of various dynasties that ruled over Rajasthan. From the elaborate carvings of the Dilwara Jain Temples in Mount Abu to the Rajput era grandeur of the Meenakshi Temple in Udaipur, each temple is a unique piece of art that tells a story.

Experience diverse architectural styles: 

Rajasthan’s temples showcase a fascinating array of architectural styles, reflecting the artistic sensibilities of the era they were built in.  Wander through the intricate carvings and filigree work on the marble facade of the Jain temples. Marvel at the towering shikharas (spires) that pierce the sky atop Hindu temples. Explore the red sandstone haven of the Lodhi-era temples or marvel at the Indo-Islamic fusion of Mughal architecture. Each style offers a glimpse into the craftsmanship and artistic heritage of Rajasthan.

Seek spiritual serenity or inner peace: 

Rajasthan’s temples are not just historical landmarks; they are active places of worship where devotees come to seek blessings and find inner peace. The serene atmosphere of these temples provides a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Witness the devotional rituals and chants, or simply soak in the tranquility of the atmosphere. Whether you’re religious or not, Rajasthan’s temples offer a chance to connect with your inner self and appreciate the spiritual significance these places hold.

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