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Scuba Diving in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

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Scuba Diving in Andaman

Scuba diving in itself is a wonderful water adventure and the most fascinating face of the same can be experienced in Havelock Island. Make sure that you wear comfortable clothes, carry your water bottles, towel and also comfortable footwear. The several places that you can perform scuba diving in are,

Havelock Island is one of the most known and sought places that is exactly 50 km away from Port Blair, which is the capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The easiest way that you can choose to reach this Island is by riding a catamaran ferry or any of the government ferry that consumes more time than the former mentioned.

You can experience night scuba diving at the Lighthouse that gathers a large number of both novice and expert divers throughout the year. You will come across the hard and soft corals, along with the Humpback Parrotfish, Octopus, Fusiliers, Lobsters, and Lionfish.

If you are a beginner or a fresher in diving, then you can choose to engage in scuba at the Aquarium that is a reef spot and a large A number of colorful fish that get you delighted in the waters.

You will love to meet the Dugongs at the Mac Point that is considered as one of the most beautiful diving places with lustrous underwater creatures followed by the sea turtles in the Barracuda City along with other varieties of fish, coralfish, surgeonfish, and so on.

If you look forward to counting on a bevy of marine life from Dugongs to the Batfish, Pufferfish, Blue-spotted stingrays, Angelfish, Soldierfish and Yellow Snappers, then head to the Margherita’s Mischief that is a serene and calm diving spot with transparent waters.

Best time for scuba diving in the Andaman & Nicobar

Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving

The waters around the Andaman Islands come throughout the year. However, visibility under the water may vary, depending on the weather. Andaman witnesses a long monsoon from the month of May till September. The underwater visibility reduces remarkably during rains, so the best time for undertaking the activity is after the monsoon.

Do I need a qualification to dive?

Not necessarily. Some of the dive centers like Ocean tribe do programs for Peoples who cannot swim and that aren’t certified so there are options for everyone.

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That said, if you’re aiming to see the great stuff you’ll need to get PADI or SSI certified, which all of these centers give on training courses ranging from 4 – 2 week.

Here are the top 7 places for scuba diving in Andaman & Nicobar below:-

1. Lighthouse – Experience night diving

A large diving site, Lighthouse has its arms vast open for all type of divers. Nevertheless, the site is renowned for night diving for PADI/SSI certified divers. Throughout this experience, you’ll come across a variety of hard and soft corals, along with interesting water beings like Humpback Parrotfish, Octopus, Fusiliers, Lobsters, and Lionfish.

2. Aquarium – A beginner’s paradise

With mostly hard corals strewn throughout, Aquarium is a fringing reef spot where you can treat your eyes to colorful schools of fish. It lies in the southwest of Havelock as well as the currents usually are soft and also can be easily forecasted.

3. In and Around Havelock Island

Explore the Indian Ocean
Explore the Indian Ocean

One of the most popular islands, as well as the very best area to explore the depths of the Indian Ocean, is Havelock Islands. The 50 km lengthy island from the Port Blair has many uncharted diving websites and also is considered one of the excellent areas for diving in Andaman.

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4. Enjoy the scuba diving with Dugongs

Diving with Dugongs
Diving with Dugongs

Being a prominent area for scuba diving in Andaman, one can easily detect Dugongs at Mac Factor. Dugongs are a Sirenian tusked creature generally found in Australia as well as Eastern Africa. The rough tough corals include the charm to this underwater delight. Scuba diving with Dugongs is the highlight of Andaman tourism.

5. Margherita’s Mischief – Myriad shades of life underwater

Underwater Life
Underwater Life

Having a smooth current, Margherita’s Mischief is not quite mischief. It is, actually, a calm diving place with crystal clear water as well as boulders on the soft sand. Dugongs are often spotted here, as well as you might also get to see Batfish, Pufferfish, Blue-spotted stingrays, Angelfish, Soldierfish and Yellow Snappers.

6. Seduction Point

Enjoy the Diving
Enjoy the Diving

Being the center for diving off the island, Seduction Point is a huge rock wrapped with varied aquatic life. This website, being uncharted, has plentiful undersea marine life. For experienced scuba divers, many unexplored diving sites are available here.

7. Cinque Islands

Cinque Islands in Andaman for Scuba Diving
Cinque Islands in Andaman for Scuba Diving

With emerald green waters as well as visibility up to 80 feet, this is easily among the very best dive sites on the world. A lot more fit for skilled divers, this dive may simply use a look of some sharks and black reefs. The North Point diving website at Cinque Island has tiny corals reefs and sponges. The Southeast Reef is a great dive site for novices.

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