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Spirit of adventure sports at Auli

by swantour

If you don’t do it this year, you will be one year older when you do it. These lines by Warren Miller are what you can feel while skiing in the magnificent Auli. This is the perfect getaway surrounded by lush green coniferous forest and slopes covered with snow. India’s foremost ski destination is located at an altitude of 2,800 meters (9200ft.) above sea level in the Chamoli district in the Himalayan mountains of Uttarakhand. Primarily developed as a paramilitary base, it also offers some of the breathtaking views of India’s highest peak like the second-highest in the country one of them is Nanda Devi (7,816m). An escape to Nanda Devi and the valley of flowers national park is what you can expect from this small scenic town when you plan your Uttarakhand Tour Package. Here are a few things that you can’t miss while you are in Auli.


Skiing and Snowboarding in Auli

Auli has gained popularity amongst the best tourist destinations in India for hosting several snow adventures events. Skiing is one of the in-demand snow sports in India and only a few ski resorts exist in the country, and Auli is one of them. Snowboarding is also what you can experience here. And if you are a novice, you can also take ski and snowboarding lessons here.

Trekking in Auli 

Trekking is another fun activity that you cannot miss while you are on a tour to Auli. If you want to immerse in the beauty of Auli, all the treks from Auli take you through the enticing meadows, runlet, and verdurous valley.  You can complete some treks in a short period while some may take up more than a week to complete. But it is surely something to be felt and experienced once in a lifetime. Some of the treks that can be completed in a short period are:

  • Auli-Gorson(7km)
  • Gorson-Tali(6km)
  • Khulara-Tapovan(9km)

Cable car Ride in Auli

A cable car locally known as a gondola in Auli connects it with Joshimath and this 4 km distance offers sublime Himalayan views. It is also one of the best ways to reach skiing slopes as all the skiing destinations have a cable car which only supplements the adventure.

Camping in Auli

Who doesn’t like waking up to an alluring and serene snow capped mountain view with abundant greenery? Camping after a long day of trekking is all you need to do. You can surrender yourself to nature, enjoy the sunset with a bonfire and calmly go off to the cozy comfort of your tents.

Shopping at a local market

If you want to explore and enjoy shopping you can go to Joshimath Market. There  are many shops in Auli that sell ski equipment but if you want to shop some gifts for your loved ones then Joshimath market is 13km away from Auli. You can shop for souvenirs, shawls, warm clothes and woolen caps from here.


Gorson Bugyal

This picturesque meadow surrounded by a thick forest of oaks and conifers is a good trek for beginners. The beauty of it is such that it turns into a magnificent green carpet in summers and phenomenal snow-covered land in winters. Gorson bugyal is situated 3km from Auli at an elevation of 3,056m.


This small lake with a breathtaking view is situated at an elevation of 3,300m. This lake is surrounded by mountains, alluring greenery, and peacefulness.

Artificial lake

The tranquil atmosphere of this lake is therapeutic. This lake is amongst the highest artificial lakes in the world. This lake is accessible through a cable car. In winters it is a treat to the eyes.

Kwani bugyal

Situated at 3,380m above sea level, Kwani Bugyal describes every nature lover’s dream. Trekking is one way to reach here, you can just immerse in the beauty of the lush green forest, fresh air, and landscape here.

Shaildhar tapovan

This natural hot water spring and temple is situated 15km from Auli. One can meet the warm resident and shop for handicrafts here.


Humans’ relationship with food is truly special, a trip to Auli is incomplete without trying out the famous garhwali cuisine. Here is the list of some of the most famous garhwal cuisine to try out while you book an Uttarakhand tour package to Auli.

  • Kachmauli (Stuffed goat with oil and spices)
  • Bal mithai (Popular local dessert)
  • Singhori (Cone-shaped sweet wrapped in maul leaf)
  • Kafuli- (Blend of green leafy vegetable paste and spices)
  • Phaanu- (Lentils soup with spices)
  • Arsa- (Popular sweet with the main ingredient -rice in it)


Valley of flowers

This UNESCO world heritage site was discovered in 1931. This is known as a heaven for photography offering some stunning Himalayan views at the back and a beautiful flower valley in the front. This site is home to some exotic flowers(over 600 species) and some endangered species too. Situated at 3600m above sea level, the valley of flowers near Auli offers wide streams and waterfalls.


Situated at 1,308 above the sea level, Gopeshwar is one of the unexplored tourist places in Uttarakhand. According to folklore the name of this town is linked with Lord Shri Krishna and if you want to immerse in some peace then you just cannot miss visiting this place.


Badrinath is one of the 4 important Hindu pilgrimages in the state. Located at 3,100m in Garhwal district on the banks of the alaknanda river, this temple was founded in the 8th century by sage Adi Shankaracharya. This temple of Lord Vishnu opens for 6 months a year and closes in winters due to heavy snowfall.


Ghangaria is where pushpawati and Hemganga rivers connect and flow further as Lakshman Ganga. It is where the popular Gurudwara Sri Gobind Dham is situated. This small village is the last residency of humans on the way to the valley of flowers. It can also be accessed by helicopter.


By now we already know what a magnificent place Auli is. But still some must be tired searching for the most common question that is ” what is the best time to visit Auli?” Well the answer is Auli can be visited all 12 months. It is magical in summers and winters too. That’s what makes this place a popular attraction for tourism. However, if you want to indulge in snow skiing, then you can visit Auli from November to march.

Auli is amongst the best tourist places in India that cannot be missed while you look for Uttarakhand tour packages. At Swan Tours, we take care of all your worries by giving you a plethora of tour packages to choose from. So leave your worry on us and make your vacation a memorable one.

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