Gujarat » International Kite Festival of Gujarat (Uttarayan) – 2020

International Kite Festival of Gujarat (Uttarayan) – 2020

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kite festivals of gujarat

International Kite Festival of Gujarat is held at Ahmedabad on January 14 every year, to accompany the festival of Uttarayan or Makar Sankranti. Makar Sankranti is a festival that heralds a change of season marking the movement of the sun into the northern hemisphere – a celebration to mark the end of winter. The skies are blue as well as clear; a cool breeze blows as well as a sensation of anticipation, happiness & joy holds all who celebrate the occasion.

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Kite Festival of Gujarat Video

International Kite Festivals in Gujarat, Makar Sankranti is celebrated as the kite-flying day. Kite-flying day in Gujarat is a extraordinary day, unlike at other places. Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s leading city, blazes a trail in the celebrations of Uttarayani, as well as is the venue of the International Kite Festival.

Kite-flying festival is being held in important cities of Gujarat each year. The festival draws professional kite-makers and flyers not just from cities of India however also from worldwide. Designer’s Kites of boundless variety are displayed at the venue.

Even though it is celebrated in several cities in Gujarat, Kite Flying Festival in Ahmedabad is quite renowned around the globe. It sees engagement by close to a hundred kite flying experts belonging to 35 to 40 countries, that include Russia, Philippines, New Zealand, Poland, Japan, Italy, Brazil, Australia, the U.S.A., Malaysia, France, China, and also Vietnam.

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History of Kite Festival

Gujarat Kite Festivals History

Gujarat Kite Festivals History

In fact, kite flying has a fascinating background; guy had the wish to fly because aeons ago. It was the spirit of guy as well as his creative imagination that festival ally saw the development of kites. Their fascinating history is shown in the Kite Museum of Ahmedabad.

Gujarat 200 BC: Huein Tsang flew a kite during the night to overawe the military of Liu Pain of Han dynasty in china.

100 BC to 500 AD: Kites were made use of by the military generals to send out signals as well as to measure the range of enemy camps.

930 AD: The earliest reference of “Shiroshi” in Japanese literature where ‘Shi’ indicates paper and also ‘Roshi’ represents the Chinese bird.

960 to 1126 AD: Flying kites came to be a popular activity of leisure in China. Peoples celebrated the 9th day of the nine month, a day representing the banishment of evil, by flying kites.

1542 AD: For the first time the word’ Patang’ finds reference in Indian literary works. It was used by Manzan in ‘Madhumalti’, where the flight of a kite is connected with the enjoyed one by a poet.

Marathi poets Eknath and also Tukaram likewise defined kites in their verses, where the word’ Vavdi’ has been used.

1752 AD: Benjamin Franklin lofted a kite to confirm that lightning was of the same electric issue as the one that generated electricity.

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Wooden sticks were affixed to four corners of a square silk handkerchief as well as a projecting metal cable with sharp edge was attached to it. When an amazed cloud passed over the kite, lightning was attracted down via the pointed wire.

1870 AD: Australian innovator Lawrence Hargrave created box-kites whose stability inspired others to develop power driven aeroplanes.

1896 AD: Alexander Graham Bell made’ tetra’ by integrating lightweight sticks. He flew ‘Frost King” kite of 256 cells as well as improvised it to have 1300, and later on 3393 cells.

Right now, Samuel Cody carried out trying outs male lugging diplane gliders.

1902 AD: Cody’s modern, the Wright brothers, achieved success in ending up being air-borne, age of aeronautics starts.

In 2016, the Kite Flying festival was commemorated from 7th to 15th January. The dates, in addition to the place, are expected to continue to be the exact same in 2017.

Happy Uttarayan 2020: Why we fly kites during Makar Sankranti (Uttarayan) festivals?

Fly Kites During Makar Sankranti

Fly Kites During Makar Sankranti

Uttarayan, the six-month period between Makar Sankranti and also Karka Sankranti (the day when marks the southern activity of the sun) notes the northward motion of the earth in the celestial sphere. Individuals note the parties by flying kites, so much to ensure that an International Kite Traveling festival is arranged each year in Gujarat.

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Flying kites, preparing typical desserts with jaggery and sesame seeds as well as taking holy dip in rivers create an essential part of it, as does conference with liked ones as well as trading introductions as well as sugary foods. Uttarayan, the six-months duration in between Makar Sankranti and also Karka Sankranti (the day that notes the activity of the sunlight into Karka rashi) marks the northward activity of the planet in the holy ball. People continue with their parties throughout Uttarayan as colourful kites decorate the skies. Nevertheless, just like all various other practices, there is a reason why people fly kites during Makar Sankranti and also in the days that follow the festival. This year Makar Sankrati is on January 14 as well as Karka Sankranti drops on July 16. According to Hindu practice, the six-month period of Uttarayan is thought about as a solitary day for the god.

Why Kites

Why Kites

Why Kites

From the morning of Makar Sankranti, vibrant kites can be seen wafting overhead and this proceeds throughout Uttarayan. The festival that marks the arrival of the harvest season also notes completion of winter season. Generally, it was believed that winter season brought in a great deal of bacteria as well as caused disease as well as flu. Hence, a massive variety of individuals would turn up during Makar Sankranti as well as in the adhering to months to bask in the early morning sun, hoping to remove germs and additionally fly kites in the process. The act of flying kites was claimed to have been launched to make this act more amazing.

Certainly, the importance of kites flying as much as the heavens during Makar Sankranti and also Uttarayan can be much deeper. Numerous take into consideration flying kites high up right into the sky as a form of thanksgiving to the gods. It is additionally considered as a signal for their awakening as it is normally thought the gods have been taking remainder and also resting for the last 6 months, as well as currently it’s time to awaken. The clear, blue skies throughout Makar Sankranti and Uttarayan likewise offer a suitable situation to fly kites.

For many years, the tradition of flying kites has actually been taken very seriously. In position like Gujarat, flying kites as well as taking on others is regarded as one its most significant festivals. Scores of people from not only around the country, yet across the globe, involved participate in the annual International Kite Festival (Uttarayan), the preparations for which begin months ahead of time.

International Kite Festival

International Kite Festival

International Kite Festival 2017: Date, Time, & Venue

When: Sunday 6th January to Monday 14th January

Timing: 10 am to 4 pm

Where: Venue for the yearly kite flying festival in Gujarat is the Sabarmati River Front, located on the Ashram Road.

How to get to the venue: Sardar Vallab bhai Patel international airport provides excellent air facilities for both domestic and international flights.

The International kite festival is celebrated throughout Gujarat but the passion & enthusiasm seen in the lanes of Ahmadabad, Vadodara, Surat, and Nadiad is unparalleled. Besides, the festival is likewise a component of the Rann Utsav a three-month lengthy festival in the Rann of Kutch that proceeds from December to March.

Why You Should Not Miss the Kite Festival in Gujarat

Kite Festival in Gujarat

Kite Festival in Gujarat

1. An Enchanting Sight That Happens Once a Year

I understand every one of you have seen kites flying throughout a lot of festivals or even on a normal day as well as are questioning why should you go all the way to Gujarat to see it once more. However allow me tell you, it is a sight that will certainly leave you speechless. The entire of the sky is loaded with kites almost looking like a tent, the various colors, and designs of kites dancing in the sky looking like they’ve revived is something you will never ever see anywhere else.

2. Would like to know how good you are at Kite- flying?

One of the main attractions of the kite festival is the Kite- flying competitions. All Peoples stand on the roofs tops flying their own kites while trying to lower or cut the various other persons kite. There is no bar on age, every person is a child on this day. So, no matter how old you are this is the time to bring out the child in you and just enjoy yourself to the fullest.

3. Ever wondered just how the Manjha (kite string) is made?

When you most likely to Gujarat you will certainly see sellers making Manjha before the big day. Manjha is the string that is used to control the kite. It is coloured as well as covered with powdered glass, after that dried. If not handled right, the Manjha can harm. This sharp string is what cuts the various other kites.

4. The Breathtakingly Beautiful Night Sky

I bet every one of you have seen brightened box (called Tukkals) let out right into the sky however have you ever seen thousands of them let out all together? The night sky on the International Kite festival is one that should never be missed. A lit up skies, lovely and also glowing. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the view like never before..

5. A day when everybody around you more than happy

Are you depressed? Sad? Need an escape? This is the destination to be. The positive aura as well as vibes will make you smile and forget about all your worries. No matter what the status of peoples is, everyone is happy. Kids running around happy as well as joyously flying their kites. It will make you recognize how a day of such party helps people forget all about their hectic lives and also difficulties they encounter on a daily basis.

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Top 5 Favorite Foods for Uttarayan Kite Festival

Foods for Uttarayan Kite Festival

Foods for Uttarayan Kite Festival

There are 2 steps to preparing for Uttarayan. Step 1 is to buy the kites and tie kinyas. Step 2 is to decide as well as prepare the menu for the day. Stuffing on beautiful food is always as important as the kites, tukkals, phirkis and air balloons

1. Undhiyu – Puri: All New Year resolutions of reducing weight go for a toss on today as foodies dive into the tasty benefits of matla undhiyu as well as puri. Preparing Undhiyu at home with many active ingredients may be difficult but that will not stop an Amdavadi! A real Amdavadi will stand in lengthy lines up simply to get the very best Undhiyu in the town!

2. Jalebi: Undhiyu – Puri is incomplete without the sweetness of jalebi! The mix of their preference is ideal for the taste buds and a Gujarati meal is complete just with the addition of something sweet!

3. Chiki and Tal Papdi: Chikkis and tal papdis are the staple treat during the festival. They are available in various ranges and also different shapes and each mommy has a various recipe that she complies with. If you are living alone, then simply walk down your regional market, we bet you will find a string of stores selling them during this festival!

4. Sherdi, Bor, Shingoda and Jamfal: They claim most of us must 4 servings of fruit a day and on Uttarayan all of us have sherdi, bor, shingoda and also jamfal. These fruits are perfect finger food that maintains everyone buzy throughout the day!

5. Khichdo: Both sweet and savory khichdo is prepared and served on this day. Khichdo is a unique Gujarati preparation, which is heavy to digest and ideal for the winter months. Moreover, it provides the body with a lot of energy which will help you get through the busy day on the terrace!

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