Hidden Jewel in Rajasthan – Ranakpur

Udaipur to Jodhpur is one of the most interesting tourist routes in Rajasthan, en route is the city of Ranakpur and Swan Tours highly recommends to include this destination as a part of your Rajasthan tour packages.

The Ranakpur Jain Temple is located amidst the solitude of enchanting forests and on the edge of the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. Legend suggests that Dharanashah, a Prime Minister in Rana Numbha’s court, had a dream in which he saw a vision. He resolved that he would build a temple that would he without parallel in beauty and would resemble the ‘heavenly vision.’ It took 50 long years, 99 lakhs of rupees, and much ingenuity and craftsmanship for, his dream to be fulfilled in 1439 in the form to a temple that defied Comparison.

Ranakpur-Tour-PackageThe most striking feature of this temple is its pillars, 1444 of them, no two of which are alike. These sculpted pillars lead the eye up to the domes and ceilings, all of which are covered with innumerable carvings depicting events from the past. The Ranakpur Jain Temple is a marvel in marble to which the genius of the artisan has imparted exquisite grace and with his deep devotion endowed it with serene spiritual dignity. The artisans have succeeded in giving the carvings, life and movement with the magic touch of their chisels and the peaceful location has ensured that this temple always appears to be enveloped in an aura of stillness.

Ranakpur now also has a new attraction. A two hundred year old decaying Rawla that faced demolition, was purchased by Kr Jitendra Singh Rathore and transported stone by stone to Ranakpur, its new site located at a distance of some 50 kms. It took Jitendra Singh Rathore almost three years to dismantle and move the entire 05,000-piece old structure. And then just like a jigsaw puzzle or Lego set, it was meticulously assembled again with new pieces and modern features being creatively blended in. Jitendra describes his unique achievement as a ‘labour of love’ and says that it was his desire to save a historical Rawla and build an incomparable heritage style hotel that drove him to undertake this extremely challenging project. Placed on the banks of a river that runs through Ranakpur, Fateh Bagh is a manifestation of Jitendra Singh’s vision, and evidence of his zeal to save a heritage monument and preserve it in the form of an unprecedented hotel that not only has unique architecture, but also offers all modern luxuries and nurtures your body, heart and soul.

Other options for stay in Ranakpur include the Maharani Bagh Orchard Heritage Retreat, which is owned by the present Maharaja of Jodhpur. And then there is the more affordable and family run Shivika Lake Hotel. Situated in an idyllic setting, this hotel offers hospitality that is as personalized as its name Shivika being the name of the owner, Thakur Devi Singh’s daughter. This young enterprising lady manages the three acre property and along with her supportive parents, ensures that your stay is comfortable. Her father, Thakur Devi Singh is very passionate about wildlife and personally takes guests for jeep safaris in the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary.

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