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Top 10 Sightseeing Places in Dharamshala

by swantour

Dharamshala tour packages conducted by Swan Tours , Delhi , India are customised to the requirements of the tourists and can be done as a stand alone itinerary or as a part of the bigger Himachal Pradesh travel itinerary .The traveller  has a flexibility of traveling by a private vehicle or seat in coach basis . Along with the usual sightseeing and excursions the tour also covers the below sightseeing spots which are considered top 10 tourist places in Dharamshala

#1. War Memorial 

Set amidst beautiful surroundings and a place to visit in the afternoon this memorial is built near the entry point to Dharamshala to commemorate the memory of those who fought valiantly for the defense of the motherland. People offer a prayer here for those who set out of their houses and did not return to their near and dear ones.

#2. Triund

Seventeen kilometers from Dharamsala Triund lies at the foot of the perpetually snow-clad Dhauladhar at the height of 2,827 meters. The snow line starts at llaqa, five kilometers from Triund, and affords breathtaking view of the snows above and the valley below. It is a popular picnic and trekking spot.

Accommodation is available in the Forest Rest House. Those who want to do a return trek in one day advised to start very early.

#3. Kunnal Pathri

Fringed by picnic spots, Dharamsala is also a good base for trekking. Just 3 km level walk from the Kotwali Bazar, is Inc, rock temple of the local goddess at Kunnal Pathri.

#4. Lord Elgin’s Memorial

After the horrors of 1857, India’s First War of Independence Queen Victoria assumed the title of Empress of India. Her Prime Minister, Lord Canning made the proclamation and the Governor General’s title was raised to that of Viceroy of India, Though Shimla was the official capital of Imperial Delhi other beauty spots also got full quota of unofficial patronage and schools Sprung up in the hills of Himachal Pradesh, such as Dagshai, Sanawar, Shimla, etc.

Along with the schools came graceful Gothic cathedrals with stained glass windows depicting episodes from the life of Jesus Christ and the Old Testament. Reproducing the famous religious architecture of Sir Christopher Wren who built St. Pauls in London and others, some were worthy copies. One such is the elegant Church of St. John in the wilderness 8 km from town, containing some of the most priceless stained glass windows. One panne’ portrays Christ, the other St. John, the Beptist. It was in Dharamsala that Lord Elgin, the Scottish working-peer, and eighth viceroy, who succeeded Lord Lansdowne, in 1896 took his vacations from official Shimla. The Lord loved the manifold charms of the area with its lakes and mountains, it reminded him of his native home in Scotland–rugged, wild and beautiful. He did not finish four-year term, however, and died in Dharamsala, the town that he loved so much. Before he died, in 1862, he left instructions to be burried in the Church of St. John, dedicated to the patron saint of Scotland, and built in 1860. In the church is the monument to the viceroy who came to rule but chose to remain, even in death.

#5. The picturesque Dal Lake

About 11 km from Dharamsala is the picturesque Dal Lake; not as large as its illustrious namesake in Kashmir, the lake lying amidst the hills and surrounded by fir trees, has a certain charm all of its own. Close to the cantonment, the annual fair in September is largely attended by Gaddis and other hillmen.

#6. Dharamkot

Directly above Upper Dharamsala is the small hill of Dharamkot whose summit, 2,100 meters (6,890 ft) high is a favourite resort, affording a panoramic view of the District of Kangra and the peaks of Dhaula Dhar.

#7. The Shrine of Bhagsunath

Near the Dal Lake, is the shrine of Bhagsunath, not far from a small but lovely waterfall. Within easy walking distance from the McLeodganj Bazar in Upper Dharamsala, it is 11 km from the lower town. Famous for its ancient temple, the tank and the spring are considered sacred by the Hindus. Here are also found slate quarries.

#8. Machhrial and Tatwani

Abounding in pleasant picnic areas, one better than the other, Dharamsala is full of surprises. There are hot springs situated at Tatwani, 25 km from Dharamsala but on the way, at Machhrial, is a waterfall twice as big as the one near the Bhagsunath temple.

#9. Chamunda Devi

In the village of Dadh, 15 km form Dharamsala and approachable by a motor able road is the famous temple dedicated to the goddess Chamunda Devi. On reaching the temple a glorious view of the Dhaula Dhar on three sides and the Baner Khud, Pathiar and Lahla forests on the other is available.

Lying at the foot of the perpetually snow-clad Dhaula Dhar range, one has to trek over a 5 km snow-covered path before one reaches Triund, 17 km from the town. The lovely spot affords an enchanting view of the Dhaula Dhar snows above and the emerald valley below, from’a heigh of 2,827 metres (9,275 ft). The snow line starts at Illaqa. Those who want to do a return trip in one day are advised to start very early in the morning. There is a Forest Rest House.

#10. Kareri Lake-Seclusion in the Wilderness

Dharamsala abounds in picnic and beauty spots; at a distance of 22 km from the Kotwali Bazar is Kareri at an altitude of 1,983 meters (6,505 ft) where there is the Kareri Rest House. From here, 13 km away is the beautiful Kareri Lake at a height of 3,048 meters (10,000 ft), surrounded by green meadows, oak and pine trees.

#11. Trilokpur

It is 41 km from Dharamsala and can be approached by road. The natural cave temple of Trilokpur contains a stalactite and stalagmite (Calcium Carbonate in the form of a large icicle hanging from the roof of the cave) dedicated to Shiva. High on the ridge of the cave are the ruins of a palace and baradarl (audience hall) of Lehna Singh Majitha, Governor of Kangra Hills during the Sikh rule. A small cafe is run by HPTDC for the convenience of the visitors.

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