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Bekal is popular for its beaches, backwaters and forts that are located on the west of the Malabar coastline, in the Kasargod district of Kerala. The major attractions that you will come across in this place apart from the largest fortress are Nityanandashram caves, Kappil Beach and Chandragiri fort along with a set of 45 caves, respectively.

Visit Bekal

If you are looking forward to visiting the place, then winters are the best option to lift your mood and carry out your vacation successfully with transfers and also sightseeing ventures. Make sure that you avoid monsoons for they spoil your reaching out to several places.

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Places to visit in Bekal

1. Kappil Beach: When you make it to Bekal, you must also pay a visit to the Kappil Beach that is located 6 km away from the Bekal Fort from where you get insights into the beautiful natural landscapes and breath-taking waters and breeze.

2. Bekal Fort: Located at a distance of 3 km from the city, you can witness the 300 years old Bekal Fort that is considered as one of the most preserved forts in Kerala with stories pertaining to the past.

3. The Valiyaparamba Backwaters is one of the most prominent fishing centres in the region that stretches long, being one of the most scenic ventures of Kerala that collects a large number of tourists throughout the year.

4. Nityanandashram Caves include a set of 45 caves that contain the panchaloha sculpture of Swami Nityananda that makes the place alluring with steps back to history.

5. Chandragiri Fort is 6 km away from the city center and is as old as the 17th century, located in the Kasaragod district of Kerala. It is 46 m above elevated from the sea level spread across seven acres of land, that is left in ruins. There are two major kingdoms that are separated by the river namely, Kolathunadu and Thulunadu.

Tourist Places to Visit in Bekal

  1. Pallikere Beach
  2. Bekal Fort
  3. Ananthapura Temple
  4. Bekal Fort Beach
  5. Valiyaparamba Backwaters
  6. Kappil Beach
  7. Mallikarjuna Temple
  8. Bekal Hole Aqua Park
  9. Malik Dinar Mosque
  10. Tulur Vanam
  11. Nileswaram
  12. Nityanandashram Caves
  13. Hosdurg Beach
  14. Malik Deena Mosque