Must Visit Top 10 Beaches in Goa for Tourists

With more than a 100 kilometers (62 miles) of west-facing coast to choose from ,the choice of best sunset spot become very personal. You may find the view across the Arabian Sea from your favorite café, sundowner in hand, perfectly adequate. The ritual of a repeated sunset beach stroll, daydreaming as the wet sand reflects all the pink and oranges of the Goan sunset, may be essential. But if you run out of ideas, here is a top ten of thoroughly romantic Goan sunset in order to find them easily, they are listed north to south.

#1. Arambol (Harmal) Beach, where the quietness, the protective headland, with the creek running down across the sand to the water combine to create a golden, light -suffused landscape of the sort painted by Cuyp and other Dutch painters of the 17th century.

#2. Chapora Fort, whose clifftop battlement guarding the mouth of the Chapora River have a solitary beauty and provide unmatched view up the river, down the cost and far, far out of sea.

#3. Baga Beach , one of the most important Top 10 beaches in Goa ,sitting at St Anthony’s restaurant long drink and a plate of fresh cashewnuts, at hand, tiger prawns on the way.

#4. Fort Aguada beach, standing learning on the glowing pink laterite stone of the fort’s battlements, looking up the full sweep of sinquerim Beach.

#5. St Augustine’s Old Goa, where the moss-coated ruins of this once huge and grand monastery on the hill above Bom Jesus are being cleared of mud to reveal beautiful tombslabs and trace of exquisite tilework.

#6. On a privately hired boat, coming down the Mandovi River from Old Goa, past Ribandar where the deep red-ochre Colaco house echoes Portuguese grandeur, past Panaji and out into the Arabian Sea and round the headland to either Sinquerim or Vainguinim.

#7. Dona Paul Island, whose legend tells of a Portuguese lady commiting suicide for her love, where the view is right round to cliff-top Raj Bhavan and where the sunset bustle of the daily beach clothes market and the fishing boats is matched by the crowded friendless of Menino’s family-run Bar and Restaurant.

#8. Pilar Seminary, for the breathtaking view from the top of the new hilltop building, down over the lush countryside dotted with sparkling churches catching the last rays of sun down over the site of the once great Kadamba city of Goa Velha and across the Zuari river.

#9. Colva Beach, at any one of the big beach shacks set high on stilts, sipping urrack, 80s pop playing in the background, watching fully clothed Indian girls frolicking in the frothy waves and knowing that a good grilled lobster is coming soon.

#10. Last in the list but not the least in the list of Top 10 beaches in Goa is Palolem Beach, whose crescent sweep of palm-fringed sand makes the water a calm pool of softening light, and whose fishermen can be persuaded to take you out on a boat and down the pretty coast.

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